Friday, March 2, 2007

Week 1 - 26th dec to 2nd Dec

The first week after i returned to Singapore after my 2 weeks in Karachi was spent analyzing my fresher ethnographic study. During my visit to Karachi i was able to not only take more photographs of truck art but i also conducted interviews. I conducted interviews with Sharik Chapra (creative head of PLAY and AAJ Channels), as well as Shireen Syed (Teacher of Illustration at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture). I was also able to goto an area titled 'garden'. This is where all the truck artists are found along with shops selling truck art designs and motifs.

'Garden'; this area is located at 1 and a half hours drive away from main Karachi. To get to it we had to drive through some very bad road conditions. Once we reached it i was bombarded with this completely different market. I was surrounded on both sides by little shops selling artwork for trucks. From stickers to metal cowling to painting, this market had it all. I then met with a couple of truck owners and sadly only 2 artists. But it was a worthwhile trip. I learned not only about the motifs used on these trucks but which part of Pakistan the truck belongs to. For Example: a truck owner told me; the shiny and glossy designs are from Karachi, whereas the more Matte coloring with metal cowling is from Punjab. The sides of the trucks are where the name of the owner/driver/painter/vehicle number and so on are shown.

This week i spent in organizing all my recorded data.

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