Friday, March 9, 2007

Max Hattler - Collision

One of the animations that i distinctively remember is "collision" by Max Hattler. I saw this during the Kara Film Festival in Karachi, Pakistan. This animation communicates only through symbols and sound.

My animation will be in this particular style of communication. My aim is to create an animation that will enlighten the viewer not only about truck art but the meanings of the symbols used. Each symbol has its own purpose and location...


Agha Asif Raza said...

Hey.. great blog!! And its good to see that u have been posting on it so very frequently..

So, are you really gonna make some great 'truck art' animation as your semester project? If thats the case then i wait to see it anxiously :). Do let me know when you've completed it .. In fact dont, cuz i'll keep lookin back to ur blog to get all the updates.. I just added it to my bloglines feeds :)

Niah said...

hey asif, thanks a lot!
i will def be uploading it within the next three weeks.

will keep u updated.

mella said...

It reminds me of Oscar Fischinger's works!